Social Program

The social program of the conference includes two events:

• Welcome reception
. The social program will open with a welcome reception on Tuesday at the Jardí Botànic. This botanical garden was founded by the University of Valencia in 1567. In 1802 it was installed in its current location, within a walking distance from the conference venue. The garden has gone through moments of splendor and decadence. It was destroyed when Napoleon's troops invaded Valencia en 1812 and suffered the devasting effects of the flood in 1957. Today, ten years after its most recent refurbishment, it offers a splendid, open-air, green atmosphere for a relaxed gathering.

• Banquet. Following a well established and appreciated tradition of the conference, there will be a banquet dinner on Wednesday evening. We will be visiting a beautiful Valencian Masía (country house and farm) built in the 19th century and kept in perfect condition for the celebration of this kind of events. A bus service hired for the occasion will take us to Masía Xamandreu in a short trip of about 30 minutes from the conference venue. Access to the Masía is through a straight road flanked by palm trees, with orange trees and Mediterranean gardens surrounding the house. Altogether, the place has a marked Valencian character. In addition, Masía Xamandreu has gained a reputation for its creative cuisine, close to tradition and using excellent quality ingredients, many of them grown in the property. More information: (in Spanish).